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  • Escape into Night
    I remeber this vividly !! It scared the pants off me especially the stones with eyes that came awake after dark. Resone in the 80's i think as the film paperhouse but no where near as good as the series
  • Bombalurina
    what a cheeser timmy mallet was... sorry still is
  • Althia and Donna
    1977, queens jubilee, street parties, this song playing, skateboarding with mates, endless days of fun this tune brings it all flooding back.
  • The Breakfast Club
    The epitome of the 80s to me as with all John hughes films. cracking soundtrack. such a simple idea for a film but such a big impact. debating betweenthis and pretty in pink for my favourite film....hmmn then i remember Animal House! lol Maybe we should stick all world leaders in a saturday detention see if they can sort their differences out too.
  • Tiswas
    Didnt get to see tiswas due to it being on a channel we couldnt receive, midlands i think at first, when it came to our area it was the funniest thing i had seen .Lots of imitations since but none as good. sally james mmmm remember the episode where she was in a ringmasters outfit with leotard grrr!! compost corner lenny henry with his DMC awards ( de condense milk). utter anarchy for kids . loved it. i just got the tiswas music album. loads of top tunes from the era.
  • Summer of 1976 (UK)
    What a memory! 10 years old holidaying in dorset, watched my brothers passing out parade at Bovington camp, poor guys literally passing out from heatstroke. week before i went over the handlebars of my Chopper and badly cut my face and knocked a big chunk of my front tooth off!! never had it capped as i used to think it looked dead hard as a kid! lol. never been a summer like it since, i remember helping the farmer with the haybales that year too. if there was one time in my life i could return and revisit, it would be this one.
  • Kids' Comics (general)
    Trying to recall a comic from mid to late 70's. It was basically about spies and the likes. the first issue had a spy kit with a couple of gadgets and code books and spy technique manual. each week they would print more spy hints and tips that you cut out added to the wallet that came in the first issue . anyone remember the name of it?

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