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  • Mouse Trap
    My mum and dad always got us 'tasteful' wooden toys when we wanted the latest (often American) toy. Luckily, my uncle wasn't averse to a bit of plastic tat and got us Mouse Trap one Xmas(1983)! It was a fabulously fun game & yes, we usually just assembled the Mouse Trap straight off. But still it has an almost mythical presence in my childhood memory - so many detailed, cartoonesque colourful parts including that boot kicking the bucket & then hearing the sound of the ballbearing start to roll...Happy times! Oh and in time, we gradually lost some of the parts making kinda useless so my mum put it out for the bins. Last thing we ever saw of it was two Leeds binmen squabbling over who could have it for their kids!
  • Dial-A-Design
    Dial-A-Design was a truly ace toy! I spent hours making impressive groovy, geometric designs with the 5 yellow plastic templates you clipped onto the front of the blue box. Mine was MB Games (tho Corgi made it later) and def had mine as early as 1984(aged 10) from my nan. Claire D, Leeds

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