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  • Take The Brain
    Rules For 2 Players - All Ages Object The object of the game is to capture your opponent's "BRAIN." Equipment The equipment consists of a playing board and two sets of pieces. How to play Each player takes a set of 12 pieces all of the same colour consisting of one "BRAIN," four "NUMSKULLS" and seven "NINNYS" (see pictures on playing board). Each player places his pieces on the board on the squares indicated. One player is selected to go first. Players alternate, moving one piece, and only one, on each turn. Each square has from one to four pointers printed on it. Players move out of any square only in a direction indicated by these pointers. NOTE: It is always the pointers on the space a piece starts from that determines the direction in which that piece may move. A "NINNY" can move only one space on any turn. A "NUMSKULL" is more valuable than a "NINNY." On each turn a "NUMSKULL" can move any number of squares in any direction a pointer indicates from the square it is on. It can move one square, or two, or three or more, but it must move in a straight line. It does not have to obey any pointers except the ones on the square from which it starts. A "BRAIN" moves in the same manner as a "NINNY." Players may never move any of their pieces onto or over a square occupied by another of their pieces. A player must move each time it is his turn. He may move any one of his pieces he wishes, so long as it can be moved without landing on or passing over a square occupied by one of his pieces. Capturing A player captures an opponent's piece by moving one of his own pieces onto a square occupied by an opponent's piece. Any piece can capture. Captured pieces are removed from the board and are out of play for the rest of the game. Players do not have to capture opponent's pieces unless there is no other possible move. When a player captures his opponent's "BRAIN," he is the winner and the game is over. If the only two pieces left in the game are the two "BRAINS" neither player can win and the game is a tie. If a player can move any of his "NINNY'S" onto one of his opponent's "NUMSKULL'S" starting squares, that "NINNY" becomes a "NUMSKULL." It is removed from the board and replaced with a "NUMSKULL" which had previously been captured. Strategy Try first to eliminate some of your opponent's pieces, especially his "NUMSKULLS," without losing too many of your own. Sometimes it is wise to sacrifice one of your pieces to get one of his in return. This is especially true if it opens up squares so that your "NUMSKULLS" can get into play. At times you may have to retreat in order to save a piece. You can move backwards if there is a pointer indicating that direction. Protecting your "BRAIN" Leave some pieces near your "Brain" to protect it, but also try to leave an escape route. If a "NUMSKULL" is attacking your "BRAIN" from across the board you can stop it by moving one of your pieces between it and your "BRAIN." The piece you move, in this way, should be protected by another piece or it will be captured. We will be glad to answer questions concerning this game. Parker Games Division of Palitoy Ltd., Coalville, Leicester, England.

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