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  • Ford Capris
    My Dad Had a Capri in the early eighties it was an orange Mk2 with a vinyl roof and it was a 1600 GT it was the coolest car my dad has ever owned and sadly didnt have it very long as it came to grief one early morning . I remember wanting to stand up on the transmission tunnel with my head out of the sun roof but being told to sit down again, telling all my mates thats my Dads car.
  • Raleigh Chopper
    I have still got my Mk 1 Chopper I vaguely remember Swapping my scootec for it when I was about 9 cos even then it was the cooolest bike around although there were loads of other choppers around at the time and not many kids liked them for practicality I thought it was the ultra cool transportation of the eighties next to my Raleigh burner and skate board. roll on Choppers into the millenium. chopper782010.
  • Action Man
    My action men have all lost their heads and now they are held on their shoulders with blue tac as I have heard it is Quite difficult to re attatch hem Properly Not bad though for 35 Year old examples no baldness and all arms and legs still function cant get rid of my favorite toys. still out on patrol.
  • Raleigh Grifter
    My mate had a blue Grifter and I had a orange Chopper which I still have but I was always more of a fan of the Grifter it was more able to cope with jumps and high kerbstones and was more like the motor cross bikes we used to watch on Kick start on the telly but we both had to get off and push at the slightest of hills due to the heavy sturmey archer gears and chunky steel frames. good days though when you wanted a new bike it was always a RALEIGH that you thought of. Adam .Cornwall.

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