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  • Banana Skateboards
    my aunt brought me a blue one from the united states in 1974 when i was 6 years old - from that day I had many fiends who where even double aged I felt like a star but, I was the chief of the streets. it was probably the first skateboard in my neighbourhood (in germany). the fun ended when my mom got a call from the hospital, the board disappeard. I would love to ride one of these boards again (with protektion-gear)
  • Banana Skateboards
    Hello. My aunt brought one of these boards 1974 from the united states to germany as a present for me. I was 6 years-old and I had suddenly best friends who where double aged, so I felt like a star - because this was probably the first skateboard in my city. my skateboard carreer ended very soon, because my mother had to pick me up from the hospital... I would like to get a board like this again..I dont remember what happened with the board

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