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  • Spectrum 48k Games
    Ultimate became RARE, who made great games like killer instinct, and goldeneye!!!
  • Condorman
    excellent movie. still magical.
  • Thundercats
    the most stupid thing was, no matter how powerful mumm-ra got, liono just show him his reflection, and he flew off!! how sad, but it was the best cartoon ever. i cant believe it only came 40th in the top 100 on t.v. a bit since!
  • Game Boy
    its a pity nintendo were not too picky about who made games for it, as 90% of them are rubbish. but that other 10%........amazing!!
  • Sega Game Gear
    great handheld, except the poor battery life. fatal fury special and samurai shodown are rare treasures.
  • Atari 2600
    games like centepede and battlezone ruled my childhood, great until my speccy came along.
  • Sega Master System
    it was so much better than the NES, more colours, and better titles. some great peripherals too, i used to have wirless joypads, and the 3-D glasses too. finally got to own the rare streetfighter 2 port made in 1997 in brazil, it blew though.....

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