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  • Eagle
    Hi there hondacd175. My mum bought me the very first Eagle when I was 10 (1950). I remember that on the back page they used to do exploded pictures/drawings with numbered of specific parts. One particular drawing was of Britian's new tank the Centurion Tank. Little did I know then, that when I was just 17 I would whilst in The Boys Squadron Royal Armoured Corps (aged 16) train as a tank gunner on this tank, and be driving one at the age of 18, and for three years after in Germany mans service. Unfortunately whilst I was away my father threw away all of my valuable collection, as well as a great deal of my other boyhood collections. One of my, and probably many boys wanted to drive a bus. I used to work for Lesney's Matchbox Toys. One of my duties was to drive a Route Master bus taking the ladies from the evening shift home, another such drawing was in the Eagle. Finding this site has bought back many happy memories, as you say pure nostalgia.

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