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  • Get Fresh
    It was a saturday morning show on itv. it had a puppet alien on it. I was on it back in 1988. i was very young at the time
  • Ladybird Books
    Ihave very fond memories of these books from when i was younger.
  • Banana Skateboards
    I think my brother had one of these
  • Radio One Roadshow
    I went to a few radio 1 roadshows in plymouth. I always enjoyed myself at them. Saw a lot of famous people.
  • Tango
    I think i remember one where a bloke went up to someone and shouted oranges really loud. My sister decided to do it to my brother when we were out shopping once. It was very funny.
  • Back To The Future
    Back to the future is a classic film. You never get fed up with it.
  • Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
    I had one of these. i use to play in all the time. my fave game was california games.

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