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  • Girl's World
    I had a blonde girls world for christmas in the early 70's.I thought it was wonderful.I felt like a hairdresser/beauty lady.I seem to remember having some rollers as well for her.After making her up i tried the same thing on my dad who fell asleep!He wasn't amused when he awoke though! cathy
  • Thumbelina Doll
    I had a little thumberlina in the early 70's.unfortunately i left her behind on the bus & never saw her again.I was so upset.I remember her pull cord & a crying noise as her head moved.cathy
  • Rosehip Syrup
    I seem to remember babies having this rosehip in dinky bottles.Thats a very tiny plastic bottle with one of those old fashioned brown teats on them.I wanted one for my tiny tears.cathy
  • Tiny Tears
    I also had a tiny tears in 1975 with a little white dress.nappy & white dummy not pink.I loved her so much & thought she was my real baby.I used to dress her so lovely to go out in her pram.I'd put her in her cot with drapes & warm water in a tupperware cup/lid to keep her cot warm.I'm 42 ths year & still have her.My daughter now has her but didn't play with dolls like i did.Does anyone remember the carrier for her & timmy?

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