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  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    Yes Kirkintilloch will never forget them Glasgow north the lennoxtown boys delivered them his name was James Rae from bencliich crescent my boyfriend was from Kilburn st number 5 he’d moved to Kirkie with his mother and told me not to drink it cause u don’t know what James Rae was putting init along with others he was a milkboy I took it with a pinch of salt one day I drank limeade I lost control of my neck it went down I started at the alpine theirs was blades of shredded glass in it apparently they spiked it with everything they could even madgic mushrooms the broke into the vulnerable peoples at nite raped and tortured them a lot of elderly people were found dead or vulnerable and people on holidays had there houses broke into cause the knew the run if u told anybody they’d kill young mothers babies he walks about like he’s a good guy he turned queens evidence he was the worse the alpine driver William Scott died in prison that was 14 years the got he done one year in cairstairs he was the worse oviously it’s a sealed court room up here but mabye that’s why they went bust he’s moved in 5 doors behind me with my best pal when I was 13/16 I was 17 when the attacks happened just after he passed his driving test he’s changed his name too to Davy Rae I had not long joined the navy her madjestys Royal oviously I never got there oh yes his dad work in children’s homes balloch in rein I think he does believe he is a superior person he was like Jason out Halloween a teenage lassies worse nightmare they’ve suppressed hundreds of or a lot of people to make him feel like a bimbo boyfriend he’s a geek a freak and the laws Day is coming lesley bell girlfriend of Kenny Mackie from lennoxtown and Derek Reid fellsview Avenue Kirkintilloch yes James mcewan the hills murders gran was from there and Marty his pal was from campsie ( lennoxtown) people need to accept u can not masacure innocent 17 year to 20 year old girls cause he’s a freak I like Celtic but am strictly no surrender my pals the pit nets were part nazis in fellsview Avenue also Kennys step brothers and Derek Reid’s friends that’s probably why the don’t exsist anymore his nickname in lennoxtown was ted bundy he’s a jealous animal from the gates of hell don’t underestimate him but trying telling the police that they navy her madjestys royal are sick of telling me to tell them what they are doing is not rite with safety if everybody in mind lesley bell sea lords soars woman her madjestys royal naval air station

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