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  • Crossfire
    I wonder if anyone can help, I had a game very similar to crossfire. It was set up on a large blue blow moulded plastic playing surface with the same guns as crossfire but the ball bearings were fired at a larger ball bearing and the target for large ball bearing was you opponants goal. Anyone know what it's called?
  • Raleigh Burner
    I had a Night Burner, I was very pleased cos I was the first person in School to have one I remember the first day back at school just after Christmas holiday at what a rave it caused.
  • Raleigh Strika
    I had a silver strika, after about 3 years of owning it the right pedel came off and would not reatach as I think I may off cross threaded it. Anyhow even though my Dad worked in an engineers workshop he would not take the bike into work to be retapped so I was left with a bike with one pedal, didn't stop me riding it though even though it was a bit awkward.

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