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  • Pizza Party board game
    I had this. I think Pizza Hut gave it me as I had a party there one year. I hadn't the foggiest how to play it and i think it only got taken out of the box once
  • Grape Escape
    Brilliant, and slightly disturbing. I traded this with a friend for another game. Can't remember what now. Knockdown? That rings a bell.
  • Ghost Castle
    I loved this game, until I got the glow-in-the-dark skull stuck down the end of a halloween pithfork handle! Damnit!
  • Dream Phone
    HAHAHA, I had some female friends at school and we used to play this right up until GCSE age. I thought it was hilarious. "He looks good in whatever he wears, but you wont see him wearing....................(big pause)" And the red bit would be in a really quiet voice and sound nothing like the guy talking to begin with! Happy days!
  • Bed Bugs
    Really loud and just ASKING to be choked on! That's my memory of this game.
  • Downfall
    I'm an only child and this was the only board game I could get my father to play with me. *sigh*
  • Zap Ice Creams
    I seem to remember them tasting more like toffee than fruit :-S. Just me?

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