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  • World Of Sport
    World Of Sport was ITV's rival to Grandstand and it followed the same format every week. Opening titles with light planes pulling banners with the programmes title fading to a studio shot of Dickie Davies presenting in front of a group of ladies furiously typing the next piece of information. Next was On The Ball with Brian Moore; then "International Sports Special 1" which featured bizarre events such as log rolling, "Sports at the Movies", cliff diving. Then came the snorefest that was the ITV Seven - 96 (felt like it)hours featuring SEVEN blooming horse races that bored every kid waiting for "International Sports Special 2's feature on Evel Keneivel's latest crash. Then over to Clacton Municipal Hall for Wrestling where you pined for the removal of Kendo Nagsaki's mask (damn those knotted laces!!!!) Then the Results section with a cheery goodbye from Dickie before he decided which of the typing laydees he would let run her fingers through his silvery streaky hair.
  • Raleigh Arena
    My Arena is currently being preserved under years of dust in my Dads garage and is mint. If the producers of Ashes to Ashes are reading this; then make me an offer and lets talk numbers. I too got my Arena just before the BMX era. The dual lever brakes are cool even now. I fitted a water bottle holder - aah the taste of plasticky warm water takes me back.... Everybody raves about the chopper when everyone knows the holy trinity of boys bikes was Raleigh's Tomahawk / Grifter / Arena
  • Eight tracks
    I think the cartridges had a continuous loop of tape inside and each song was in a different postion on the width of the tape. So when you pressed a button for the next song; the head moved a little up/down and picked the next track (quite clver for the time really). We had a Binatone (remember them?) "Home Entertainment Centre" (record player, radio, 8 track) with a smoked perspex cover. We only everhad 2 cartridges : The Carpenters (pretty cool) and Val Doonican (mega cool = dig those sweaters!). There was two problems with them 1. Dad bought the music centre about a month before cassettes came out (doh!) and 2. If the tape spooled out; there was no "pencil-in-cassette"-style fix as they seemed to rely on the tape being pulled around by the player.
  • BJ and the Bear
    I can remember it being hugley popular at the time. The story each week seemed to revolve around BJ helping out damsels or good causes with the aid of Bear (the chimp) and his truck. Then i think there was a strike at ITV and i don't think it ever came back.

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