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  • No 1 Magazine
    Number One magazine was always Smash Hits poor relation in the 80s teenage music paper front. It was very similar - interviews with pop stars of the day, song words etc. The advantage it had over Smash Hits was the inclusion of the network charts. the best feature it ever had must have been circa 1985 when Pete Burns of Dead Or Alive interviewd Morrissey. A good magazine.
  • Midnight Mint Choc Ice
    They were the apex of sophistication when I was 7! The owl packaging was brilliant. was it advertised on TV as well?
  • Space Dust
    It was free with an issue of the Beano in (I'm guessing) 1978. Radio active stuff!
  • Fangs
    SOMEONE ELSE REMEMBERS ROCK N ROLLERS!!!!! The guy on the packet and the ads was bald and a bit frightening! They were sort of skull shaped. they were delish, as were bones. Fangs and rancheros, too. Ah, nostalgia. Well played, guys.
  • Top Deck
    Cidona? Cydrax? Delish!
  • Supersize Cans of Pop
    Top Deck used to come in super size. Talk about creating a nation of alcoholics! Delicious, mind! Lager and Lime, and..? There were 2 others, I think. Again, great packaging.
  • Skydiver Crisps
    The salt and vineger tasted radio active! Something to do with the density of the corn / maize I think. they were exceptional!

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