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  • Rise and Shine Powdered Fruit Juice
    jeez - I have been trying to remember the name of this stuff for years. It was like ground-up vitamin c tablets, vibrant orange, got the salivary juices sparked up and came in a sealed paper pouch which you flicked, tore open and mixed with tap water in a good old fashioned glass jug. It was fabulous!
  • Aztec Chocolate Bar
    Aztecs tasted best sliced ( yes that IS sad! ). Well done 'Walrus's' dad - thats so exciting!
  • Funny Faces
    Apparently my hubby was a wee boy with a fishing rod in the funny faces tv advert all those years ago. His dad directed the ad. All I would eat as a kid was ice-cream. I think it must have been fate! (Actually I preferred a 'heart' ice-cream but don't tell him).

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