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  • My Two Dads
    It just couldn't happen these days -they'd be straight on Trisha for a DNA test. A great loss for todays youth.
  • Fun House
    Whatever happened to the twins? Tiffany and whatever... They were a bit slaggy weren't they? All top knots and gold hoop earings. You know the sort.
  • Chocky
    Terrifying. Just terrifying. Yes - I seem to remember Chocky (even the name makes a bit nervous!) appearing as a blue light on the wall.
  • Speak & Spell
    Oh, the very deep and real love I have for my speak and spell! I found it again recently and God bless him, he still works. Total and utter joy. I also still have my less loved Speak and Math which I hated, but stll cannot bear to get rid of!

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