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  • Teddy Ruxpin
    I wanted one but never got one then a few years later one came out that was Mickey Mouse he came with a story book and a tape...there was a goofy too (which i didnt get) i had most of the stories and outfits. I was soo excited to have one and put on "shows" for the whole family with Mickey telling the story while I held up the storybook so they could see the pics (sounds kinda lame I still have my talking Mickey sitting on my dresser.and he still works good although i can only find one story book outfit and tape.
  • Strawberry Shortcake
    I had strawberry shortcake everything as a kid the plush dolls the figurines all the accesories, sheets pillow cases blankets clothes in fact my first day of kindergarten i worea strawberry shortcake jacket to school. My whole family all used to say I looked exactly liked her cause i was little with brown hair and freckles
  • Smooshees
    I loved Smooshies. Everytrip to toys r us meant a new smooshie was coming home with me....I still have some. The boy and the Skateboard a white and purple dog in a fire hydrant, a rabbit in a log and parrot, then some other ones and i had a ton of them. I still love to take them out everyonce in a while and play with them.
  • Silver Hawks
    I don't remember the cartoon but I do remember having Silver Hawks PJ's.
  • Oopsie Daisy
    I never had one but for some reason the song stuck in my head and pops back in from time to time
  • My Little Pony
    I had a all of the My Little Pony stuff. One of my most favorite things was the "Paradise Estates" it was so cool with its rooms and that swimming pool it took up sooo much room in my room aand eventually went to storage i think its still there even ohhh and the Castle and the Nursey I had it all. My Older brother to make me mad would take out there tails and thake off their heads and mix them all up then put them back together like pink head on white body with a purple tail....I would get sooooo mad at him. I think its kinda funny now.
  • Little Professor Calculators
    OMG! I loved mine so much. I got to play with it constantly because mom thought it would make me good at math.

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