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  • British Rail
    I once heard from the grapevine that Terry Wogan was one of the other shortlisted candidates to feature in the "This is the age of the train" campaign. If Savile had already been arrested in the '70s we might have had Wogan instead.
  • Shell Suits
    If you were a sixth former in the early '90s, and if you went to a sixth form or to a college where you could wear what you liked, a shellsuit jacket with jeans (or maybe with a dress or skirt for the girls) was almost like a kind of unofficial uniform for sixth formers.
  • Shell Suits
    I've had several of them over the years, though I've always tended to wear the jackets more than the bottoms. The last few days when I've been out for a walk I've worn my plain turquoise Puma shellsuit jacket and almost matching green puma bottoms, and I've also taken my dark blue, purple and yellow Hi-tec jacket with me to wear on top when it gets cooler in the evening as I'm on my way home. Yes, one shellsuit jacket on top of another one! Some shellsuit jackets, like PUMA ones, had cotton on the inside of the sleeves, and some, like Hi-tec and Rucanor ones, had nylon on the inside of the sleeves. Cotton didn't feel so hot to wear in really warm weather or indoors, but nylon would slip off your sleeves more easily when you took it off.
  • British Rail
    It depended what type of train you were travelling on. Of course the "This is the age of the train" adverts only showed the then new High Speed Trains with their nice comfortable air-conditioned coaches (which are still around now). But there were also still a lot of old 1950s and '60s trains around in the '80s, and I would guess that you were travelling on one of those.
  • Rail Riders Club
    I was in it too - from when I was five in 1980 until I was 16, the upper age limit, in 1991. I think I was in it almost from when it started until it finished. For about the first year it was called the Great Rail Club, then it was renamed Rail Riders. I too still have some of my Rail Riders stuff, including most of the magazines. Happy days! Pity it finished, but I guess rail privatisation killed it off. I wouldn't think you could easily get a replica card - maybe you could look for someone else's on eBay, or post a message on eBay asking if anyone has one. It had a good mix of members of both sexes, from what I remember (despite railways being a traditionally male-dominated hobby) and I am pleased to see that the first person to post a message here appears to be female! I now hear that one of the last remnants of it is finally going - the York Model Railway at York station (opened as Rail Riders World in conjunction with Rail Riders) is closing at the end of November!

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