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  • Panini Football Cards
    Apologies for the bad grammar in my previous post.
  • Panini Football Cards
    Was anyone else really annoyed when stuck the cards down crooked?
  • Blancmange
    Their best song, Lose your Love features in the movie 'Flight of the Navigator' in the scene where David is watching MTV at a government facility.
  • Transformers
    I did have a small collection of Transformers which comprised the following: (Hot Spot, Groove, First Aid, Streetwise and the tragically named Helicopto (yes, a helicopter!) which all combined to make Defensor), the worst Transformer - Metroplex and finally, Smokescreen, my favourite.
  • Razzamatazz
    The only part of this programme I have memories of is the Peggy Babcock part.
  • Caddyshack
    "Be the ball"

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