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  • Trio Chocolate Biscuits
    just bought Trio bars in Asda .... getting all nostalgic waiting for kettle to boil, hope they're as good as my memory make me think they are ... also now made by McVities and packaging did say limited edition (although may be to test the water?)
  • Creamola Foam
    I remember this so fondly and have signed just about any petition online I can find to try and bring it back (still no luck though boohoo!). There is a german variant called Ahoj-Brause which is strikingly familiar to it (esp. the raspberry flavour one) I was lucky enough to have a friend bring me some over when she came to visit a couple of weeks ago and oh the memories that came flooding back, only problem is I've already run out of it except for the green ones (they come in sachets) "Waldmeister" which tastes a little bit like Elderflower/Lime .... I'd highly recommend anyone looking for a nostalgia hit to try and get some of the german version though ... well worth it .. They do also do large sweets that are flavoured in the same flavours they sell the drink mix in and they are like larger square shaped Refreshers (not the chewy bar ones though)
  • Caramac Digestive
    I think I remember these but I'm sure it was a Breakaway covered in Caramac instead of it's usual milk chocolate ... I once got lucky and got a solid one with no biscuit in it .... yummy! ... never has the same since with ANY biscuit
  • Cadbury's Wispa Bars
    Had one of these about 20mins ago. Thank you cadbury is all I can say :D they are still as good as they always were (and I hope they will be) Cadbury said that this is a trial run of 28million bars to gauge reception .... let's keep it on the shelves this time
  • Love hearts
    Still like these and when I was pregnant they worked wonder for heartburn
  • Cadbury's Wispa Bars
    WooHoo. Well done cadbury. Just sampled one of these wonderful chocolate bars for the first time in what seems like donkey's years. Thank you so much for bringing them back. And for anyone interested they do tatse just as good as they ever did. Seen the little chatchphrase on the box in the shop and describes to a tee. "Some things are best left in the 80's these aren't"

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