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  • Television sets
    Aha...the dreaded remote debate! We had a new Baird TV once, paid for by an unexpected tax rebate my dad got. At last, he declared, Match of the Day in colour!! It didn't have buttons to push to change the channel but had a 'Touch Panel' that worked for about 2 months n then stopped. Eventually, I figured out thatif you touched the panel and jumped up in the air at the same time, you could change the channel no problem!! The sight of my dad hopping up n down to get the footy results on Grandstand haunts me till this day! I had a Saturday job in the local TV & Radio shop at the time and the repair guy there told me it was cos me Mom was using Mr Sheen to clean the telly and it was knackering the buttons up. When I told my Dad ( I could never keep my mouth shut )he went barmy and blamed her and her Mr Sheen for every ill in the house from the Mk2 Cortina that wouldn't start on any given Wednesday to the terminal condensation on the windows. He tried to clean the TV buttons with nail varnish remover but only succeeded in removing half of the varnish from the fake teak cabinet and melting the plastic surround on the volume control. That and the CONSTANT havin to adjust the Vertical Hold to stop the picture rolling up n down..... oh the joys
  • Corona soft drinks
    I LOVED Corona fizzy pop!!! I remember going to my nanans house every saturday afternoon throughout the 60s n 70s and indulging in bottles of the stuff along with Mr Kiplings fancy cakes, World of Sport,Grandstand,everybody being told to shut up while the pools results came on and then..........Dr Who with William Hartnell or Jon Pertwee. Sometimes we stopped long enough to have to endure The Black & White Minstrel show! lIoved Corona pop cos it ALWAYS,always went up your nose... you know what i mean don't ya? it was that fizzy! My nanan was known as Nanny Pop becos of the pop we got when we went there as opposed to the other nanan who was Nanny Dog cos..... she had a dog! Simple really when your 7 years old. Bring back Corona and big burps!

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