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  • Rag and Bone Man
    They haven't entirely disappeared - in North Manchester there was a chap who still collected scrap, with horse and cart, up to 1995 (and he wasn't very old). His successors still come round once a week, but nowadays use a flatback Transit. It's a one-way transaction now, though, you give them scrap and get nothing in return. In earlier times, you at least got a couple of Donkey stones - how many people remember those? (If you're wondering, they were small sandstone blocks for cleaning/whitening your doorsteps!)
  • Kellogg's collectables
    Kellogg's had collectables in the 1950s and 1960s, which included plastic dinosaur models (rather small, each about 2-3" long with a flat base that had the creatures name embossed in it) and - a personal favourite - the Jigtoys. These were a range of small models which came in about 6 interlocking pieces that had to be slid or pressedinto place, like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. I think there were six to collect: a jeep, a ship, a helicopter, a plane and a couple of others - great fun!

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