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  • Baby Heather
    I agree with all of you. Baby Heather was the best Christmas gift I have ever received. My mother went all out that year, she even bought us a real stroller for her! I also had the priveledge to share it with my sister, she got the 'white' one and I got the 'black' one, it was perfect. Like everyone else that had this doll, I carried her everywhere. And like everyone I remember the dreadful day... I was going somewhere with my mom and sister in cab, before I got out, I tucked Heather towards my chest like a real baby. When I was finally out of the cab, I pulled her away to tell her 'we're here...' but her head had come off. I screamed and tucked her into my chest again and began sobbing histerically. My mother kept asking me what was wrong but I couldn't talk. We made it into the builing and up the elevator, the whole time I tried to talk but no words would come out, only sobs. We made it to the door of the apartment when I shouted 'MY BABY'S HEAD CAME OFF!!' and showed my mother. My mother looked, laughed for a second and then began consoling me. Luckily she was still under warranty, we sent her away in her original box and clothes. I did make a mark on her to ensure I would get the same baby back. About a month later she came back good as new, it was a new doll altogether. :( But I loved her as much anyway. That was 21 years ago. I am 29 now and I still have Heather! She sits up high where no one can touch her, she doesn't have the original clothes or accesories and her battery compartment doesn't remain closed. But every now and then while holding the batteries in, I turn her on and listen to the familier voice and laugh I grew up with... SNNI, I am sorry about your sister.

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