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  • A-ha
    I absolutely love a-ha, I've followed them all my life and agree with Penny that they are so underated. They only seem to be known for a couple of hits from the 80's, Take on me, Hunting High and Low, Sun always shines on TV... but they have so many great songs on all of their albums. Morten/Mags and Pal are such amazing songwriters and who else has the voice of an angel like Morten Harket. I have been lucky enough to meet them a few times and I'm such a huge fan my son has the middle name Morten! When I was pregnant with my second I was lucky enough to meet Morten and was able to tell him I was trying to think of another name with an a-ha connection, I have since called my daughter Lauren, after Lauren Savoy (Pal the guitarists wife!)

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