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  • Take Hart
    'The Gallery' started out on Hart's previous series 'Vision On', co-hosted by the recently deceased Pat Keysell.
  • The Persuaders
    'The Persuaders!' was never intended to be taken seriously. Complaints about 'wooden acting' and 'ridiculous scripts' are therefore meaningless. It was great escapist entertainment, and the girls, among them Joan Collins and Imogen Hassall, were red-hot!
  • Russ Abbot's Madhouse
    Would love to see this on D.V.D. Its not likely to happen though as one of its stars was the disgraced Michael Barrymore.
  • Beadle's About
    'Dr.Who's special effects used to be appalling. but not these days.
  • Manhunt
    Vincent was played by the late Peter Barkworth, Jimmy was the late Alfred Lynch, and lovely Nina by Cyd Hayman. She got naked in one episode as I recall.
  • A Kick up the Eighties
    Tracey Ullman was in this, along with Miriam Margolyes, Richard Stilgoe, Ron Bain, and later Robbie Coltrane. The opening titles parodied 'Blade Runner'.
  • Changes
    Correction: she was seventeen. Filming began back in 1973.

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