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  • Pink Witch
    Just seen your comment Deggsie - let me know if you are willing to seell. Cheers
  • Pink Witch
    My sister had one - but she rarley used it - so I was allowed to use it. I got used to the jibes and laughs of my schoolfriends because of its it's pink and pale blue paint and silver stars! But it stood me in good stead - cycling all over Scotland. I'm now older than 60 but still hanker after the bike for sentimental reasons. I did manage to obtain one from a ladt in Marclinch - but it's very rusty and I dont want to rub down the frame and destroy the original paint. I could poissibly pass it on to a grandchild - should ant come along! It was a superb and comfortable bicycle to ride.
  • Pink Witch
    Hi If you are still interested in selling your Pink Witch bicycle - I would be pleased to buy it. My eldest sister had one but never used it - so I used it. It was left in the loft after I went to university and when my parents moved house - they never took it with them. I'm keen to have one for sentimental reasons. Please get in touch and if you are still interested in selling. best regards - Robert Smith 21/05/2017

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