Vita 1956


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  • Manhattan Transfer
    Chanson D'amour, always makes me think of balmy summer days. I use to put it on the juke box in a local pub during the summer of 1977.
  • Leo Sayer
    I remember seeing him on Telly singing " The show must go on " in a clown outfit. My mother was not much into pop music, but for some reason he really grabbed her attention, in a positive way. So when it came to pop music she always referred to him, although she could never remember his name, just the clown man. Sorry Leo.
  • Jethro Tull
    I never met Ian, but my no good late brother in law worked for him. My sister could never get her head round the fact that his name was Ian not Jethro, silly so & so.Not that she had any idea of their music, she is some what older than myself and is more into Cliff Richard. Her eldest son however was into them, and called his son Jethro.
  • Gary Glitter
    It is so sad when someone iconic turns out to be no good, but it happens.I always knew he liked his girlfriends young, but back then I thought it was, despite his age, because he seemed so immature, I did not know his real yearning was for children. However why should we have to forget the music that we once loved, after all we did not know than what was to come. The music did not do it he did, yet on the other hand who wants to buy his stuff and put money in his pocket? Then there are those that also contributed to his success, the musicians & Mike Leander who co wrote many of the songs, how must they feel? Their lively hood will also suffer for Gary's selfishness in giving into an urge that was so clearly wrong. Now if we could buy his stuff but his percentage went to a charity, that could be an answer.Some of the music was such fun, such is life.
  • Bay City Rollers
    My friends were mad on them, being a tad older than them, I was not, although I did like some of their singles. However I still get sad and annoyed by the fact they, as they were young and naive, were right royally stitched up over their contracts, and ended up with meagre financial thanks for all their work.I may not of been a great fan, but they made music many loved,and did no harm, so I just hope finally they are now getting some of the royalty payment, that had been on hold for the courts to decide upon.
  • 10CC
    I was mad keen on them back in the 1970's, but not "i'm not in love", yet it was their biggest hit. I find that a little sad, as so many, that did not delve into their music, may see that as them, and not know of the wackier side to their music. My favourite is "Une nuit a Paris", I always like a good story to a song, and a bit of lunacy never goes a miss.

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