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  • Secret Chocolate Bar
    Lovely to see all the comments here and reassure myself at long last that I'm not alone in my memories of the Secret bar – possibly my favourite ever chocolate bar, such a unique construction with its tubular 'bird's nest' of chocolate strands forming a cocoon for the hidden inner core of smooth truffley chocolate... amazing. One of those things I cherish memories of getting occasionally on lunchtime trips out of school during sixth form in the mid-late '90s, but which I didn't realise had disappeared until some time after the fact – I've had a craving for one since at least 2001, which can never be fulfilled! Can well imagine that producing such a complex and delicate thing, far more so than most chocolate bars, must have been an expensive and convoluted process – but please please Nestle, bring it back, even if only for a 'limited edition' run! Meanwhile, don't get me even started on Spira...

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