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  • Lucozade
    I used to get given it when I was ill with chicken pox or measles etc. I do remember the distinctive taste and it was kind of a magical potion, bright orange and wrapped in the glowing cellophane which made it 'special'! Not sure if the modern version is the same ...
  • Pink Panther Bar
    I seem to remember the pink chocolate tasted like the Nesquick strawberry milkshake kind of taste?
  • Peak Freans Milk & Honey Biscuits
    Yes I remember these gorgeous tasting biscuits, used to make me feel a bit sick if I ate too many!
  • Sweetheart Dessert
    Yes I remember this strange stuff, we used to get the strawberry one, I seem to remember it was advertised by Bob Monkhouse, we used to have it as Saturday night pudding!
  • Cadbury's Bar Six
    I loved Bar Six then and I would love it now I can still remember that distinctive taste, yum!
  • Lollygobblechocbomb
    Disgusting but still addictive!
  • Glees
    I used to love Glees and I don't think they tasted the same as Skittles

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