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  • Zip The Monkey
    I had one of these when I was about five. I loved that thing more than it would seem possible for a five year old. Now... enter the abusive piece of garbage step-father.... I did something to anger him (don't even remember what it was, but how bad could a five year old really screw up?), so he said, "Bring me Zip!". I immediately started bawling and pleading with my mom to step in and put the brakes on whatever this dude had planned. "You heard your father!" (no, he isn't my father!). I bring my old buddy to him and he tore the freaking rubber face clean off of Zip. Then he told me to go put Zip in the garbage can outside for the garbage men to take away. Pretty traumatic! I'm damn near 50 years old and still think about that day at least every month or so. Well, today I got on Ebay and bought myself an early Christmas present. "VTG RUSHTON 16" Plush With Rubber Face ZIP Zippy Monkey From Howdy Doody Show". Only set me back $50. People will probably look at me sideways when they see him (he is going to be displayed proudly and conspicuously in my bachelor pad). So anyway, yeah, Zip is the absolute coolest best friend a 50 year old 5 year old could have.

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