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  • Oxford Bags
    Are they the trousers with an incredible amount of buttons (12 on the waistband and 2 for each pocket)? I had 2 pairs of those; blue and grey. I used to wear them with, what I think were called, Penguin Shoes. I had a picture of me taken in the Old Market Square, in Nottingham. I've recently seen the photograph and I look a complete idiot. Still smiling, though!
  • Galaxy Counters
    I used to like Counters. I seem to remember that a cartoon owl played a part in the packaging.
  • Milk Tray Chocolate Bar
    "...each a different island in a chocolate sea..." Oh yes! Lovely! I used to have to go to the shop and buy one for my dad. I used to say to myself, "when I grow-up, this is the first thing I'm going to buy". Unfortuntely, I didn't really grow-up and they stopped making them. Happy days!
  • Bones crisps
    I remember those lovely crisps! I thought they were smashin'. The advertisement also had the “companion crisps” Fangs – cheese and onion flavour. Wonderful. The flavouring on Bones was so strong that it left a kind of burning feeling on the tongue. I think that the manufacturers must have put some kind of acid – other than acetic – in the flavouring. Wonderful times!

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