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  • Roller Discos
    I was a regular of the Nevada in Bolton too....and remember those Lime milkshakes! yuck! ha I had my first proper kiss with this 20 year old lorry driver from Bolton....aargh! and I was barely 13 at the time! He gave me a lovebite and my parents went ape! Me and my mates used to go skating there every Saturday without fail plastered in make up and wearing our ra-ra skirts/jumper dresses, gold belts and plastic earrings/bangles...and skate to the great '80's tunes on the huge video screens. I remember ABC's 'Look of Love' and Adam & The Ants' and various other TOTP videos being shown. We all used to try and sneak up to the bar for a sly Lager & Lime, but I used to chicken out and only ordered pints of Lemonade as I thought the police might raid the place and arrest me! ha How foolish I was! Great times, fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff and customers...and loads of (fairly) fit lads! What more could us girls want?! Happy days! I was sad when I heard it had burnt down :( Still I have those wonderful memories.... Dawn x

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