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  • Wacaday
    This was one of my fave shows as a kid. I wrote to timmy mallett asking for a malletts mallett. Never got one but i did get an autographed photo.
  • The Trap Door
    You can get every episode of the trap door on 1 dvd. I've got it and it's fab. on the extras its got the intro on repeat, great for annoying the neighbours lol. BUUUUUURK! WHERES MY BREAKFAST?
  • Shake 'n' Vac Advert
    Heres a link to said advert:
  • R Whites Lemonade Advert
    Heres the original: couldn't find the mr Benn version though
  • Carling Black Label
    All the old CBL ads can be found on youtube. Link for the lauderette ad: and heres the 1 where the guy throws the towel to beat the german sunbed snatchers: Enjoy
  • Tango
    Apparently 1 of these adverts featured an "sawn off" austin metro, painted bright orange. Said car belongs to a guy at my work, although I havn't been able to find the ad on the web. Anyone else know of it?
  • Kia-Ora
    That ad can be found on good old youtube: Enjoy.

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