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  • Champion The Wonder Horse
    I loved Champion the Wonderhorse.Very few people seem to remember it but I even sing the theme tune out loud now when I'm feeling nostalgic!
  • Bovril Crisps
    I will email Walkers if you all agree to email about Smiths Savoury Vinegar crisps too! I have wanted to taste these again for over 30 years...woe is me :o(
  • Pyramint
    Ooooooh yessss! I remember these.What a trip down memory lane! Yum :o)
  • Babycham Liqueur Chocolates
    Hows about Mon Cheri cherry liquer chocolates?
  • Midnight Mint Choc Ice
    I crave Midnight Mints...and Lord Toffinghams. Oh,where did the good times go?

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