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  • Jetpack
    I remember Jetpac on the speccy. It was made by Ultimate (Play The Game), the follow up was LunarJetMan.Jetpac came out at the same time as their other classic games, Tranzam, Psst and my personal fave AticAtac (which did have an ending!!!!!) After that they brought out SabreWulf, KnightLore, Alien8 etc...they then changed their name to RARE, and are still making games for the Xbox360.
  • Tente
    I remember Tente from the late 70's and early 80's. I had the battle ships and container ships, but the best by far was the astronaughts and space ship sets. The pieces were specifically moulded and much better than lego!!!!
  • Chorlton and the Wheelies
    STUPID DRAGON!....Quality
  • Micronauts
    I had quite a few of the micronaughts figures and vehicles, my favourite being the remote control (attached by cable!!!!) battle cruiser which I got one christmas in the late 70's. I also remember the robot with the spinning wheels for arms....ahhh the good old days.

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