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  • Nancy Drew
    I read all the Nancy Drew Books, got most of them for Christmas or Birthdays. I could not put them down, they were amazing. Trying to get my 10 year old hooked, but she does not feel the same way
  • your first record
    Hair by the Cowsills, in 1971 i think, followed by the Parthridge Family, I think I love you
  • Thumbelina Doll
    I had this doll, It was the best, early 60's
  • Fuzzy Felt
    Good Memories, back in 1965ish
  • Flatsy
    Flatsy Flatsy, your flat and thats that...I remember the commercial
  • Drowsy Baby Doll
    This was my favourite doll, I probably got it for Christmas in 1962 ish. You pulled the string at the back and she said "I;m so Tired"
  • Sears Spyder
    I had a Girls Sears Spyder 3 speed, magenta in colour, shifter was a mach 3, purple metallic banana seat with a sissy bar that had a pad halfway up, i think diamond shape, 1970 ish, I am obsessed with finding a pic, so far no bike i have found is the same. My cousin also had the same one

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