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  • Look and Read
    Whilst I was at primary school, I saw Sky Hunter (autumn 1979) and The Boy From Space (spring 1980). In recent years the CBBC Channel repeated most of the Look and Read stories in its Class TV strand, I recorded and watched them. It was great seeing Sky Hunter and The Boy From Space again in my thirties, plus a load of other L&R stories: Joe And The Sheep Rustlers Cloud Burst The King's Dragon Dark Towers Fair Ground! Badger Girl Geordie Racer Through The Dragon's Eye Earth Warp Spywatch and the new one that came out on BBC2 about four years ago, "Shadow Play".
  • U2
    My best remembered U2 song is "Sunday Bloody Sunday", it's on their War album.
  • Cookeen Advert
    I think Cookeen was a kind of lard. Some sort of baking fat anyway.
  • Ready Brek Advert
    I remember Ready Brek. Various adverts were used over the years. There was indeed a chocolate version, I think it was originally called Ready Brek Chocolate Flavour, but was later renamed Coco Brek. Also along came a Golden Brek, can't remember what flavour that was. I think the orange / red glow was a TV trick somehow, whether you had it cold or hot wouldn't give you that glow in the real world.
  • Ronco Adverts
    I remember Ronco ads from the late 1970s and early 1980s. During those years they tended to appear in the run-up to Christmas, wow you don't get those ads these days. I agree with Steve Jablonski, the run-up to Christmas just isn't the same without Ronco ads. Here's the products I remember advertised: Battery Tester Flower Loom (or whatever it was called) Record Vacuum (that's the name for what you mentioned pennypuppywalker) Roller Measure Supersaw They all ended with the PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT centred along the bottom of the screen, and finally "It's available from..." shop names, including Woolworths. Then Xmas 1982, a composite one "Three ways to save time and money", advertising the Ronco Spark Plug Cleaner, Roller Measure and Battery Tester in one advert.
  • Nature Trek Shoes
    In the late 1970s my Mum had a pair. I think they were made by Clarks. One thing I definitely remember, they looked as though they were made as one shoe and then chopped in half.
  • Global Hypercolor T-Shirts
    Back in the first half of 1992, whilst I was at university, another student on my course had a Global Hypercolor T-shirt that changed from purple to blue.

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