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  • Glees
    I remembered these for years but couldn't recall the name. Weren't the candy shells and the chewy centres different colours, ie purple shell with a red centre, green with an orange centre, etc.? Or was this a different sweet? Or have I completely made this up? Help!
  • Double Agents
    Toffee apple ones were the best!
  • Tooty Frooties
    Again, the current-day Tootie Frooties are a shadow of their former selves! The originals were bigger, flatter, softer, very brightly coloured and highly flavoured in raspberry (red) strawberry (pink), orange, lemon, lime and blackcurrant. I was so disappointed when I last had them! And I think either the red or pink ones have now disappeared!
  • Tizer
    The current day counterpart just doesn't taste the same! Had it recently and it was actually quite awful, obviously because the original flavouring has been outlawed!!!
  • Midnight Mint Choc Ice
    Had one every day of my holiday in Woolacombe 1974!
  • Moose Bar
    Yep deffo remember Supermoose in his red cape. So much better than Milky Way!
  • Cresta Drink
    Pineapple was my favourite, followed by blackcurrant and then lime. The strawberry one was ok. Orange was yuk. Cream soda one not even worth remembering, lol

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