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  • Fall of the Berlin Wall
    I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall well. In 1989 my family were on holiday in Hungary. It wasn't so much of a tourist orientated country as it is now, but in '89 12 million Germans came to Hungary. The reason was that East Germans and West Germans got together to organise the downfall of Communism that blighted Eastern Europe.<br><br>Hungary was chosen as it was the least Communist (some would say), and huge queues built up at all the west borders surrounding Hungary.<br><br>Families who had been separated by an illegal costruction, namely the Berlin Wall, met for the first time in years or even for the first time ever!<br><br>The Berlin Wall was patrolled by British, Russian and American military but it didn't stop the peoples of both countries writing grafitti all over it. The famous Checkpoint Charlie was located near to the Brandenberg Gate.<br><br>Berlin has now become the capital of Germany and East and West Germany does not exist as two separate countries.<br><br>I was given a piece of the Berlin Wall by my Cousin.

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