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  • Cornetto adverts
    Just one Cornetto, give it to me, delicious ice-cream, of Italy, vanilla and strawberry dream, Give me Cornetto, from Wall's ice cream. (That was the song the gondolier sang)
  • Tiny Tears
    I remember getting a Tiny Tears when I was 6 (in 1989 - so quite late) which was my first 'proper' dolly... and I believe it was a couple of years later they bought out a 'Timmy Tears' (probably to be politically correct) which did include his 'boy bits'. My younger brother and I were so shocked at a dolly having boy bits that I remember cutting the 'boy bits' off with a pair of scissors, so it looked more like Tiny Tears. My Mother was furious when she found out! :o)
  • Gino Ginelli
    Robejn713 - I remember that frozen cream!! It was called 'Superwhip' and my Mum used to buy it in Iceland. My brother and I used to fight over it at the dinner table! I miss Superwhip :o(

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