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  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    I worked at Huckleberry's between 1983 to 1985.Worked up to Duty Mgr starting in London,moved to Oxford then opened Brighton.Worked with some great people and the atmosphere was hard work but fun.The company training was excellent with QSC ,Quality,Service and Cleanliness at the heart of it.They sold some great food ,freshly breaded chicken ,freshly fried fish and burgers.It was meant to cater for all the needs of a family who could eat three types of fast food in one place.There was a lot of food preparation involved which meant a higher labour cost against a better food product.We had ex McDonald Mgrs who could not believe the amount of labour cost and time spent on food prep.I was there when it was sold to United Biscuits and became Wimpy.The food was not the same and the camaraderie had gone.In London I worked at TCR Tottenham Court Road ,Oxford Street,Queensway,Putney,Lewisham,Portsmouth,Oxford and Brighton.Would love to reminisce with old colleagues and any one with questions fire away.

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