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  • Hunny Pudding
    I remember Hunny Pudding but it was a powder that came in a packet. You mixed with milk, just like Angel Delight. There was a picture of the Disneyfied Pooh on the box. Loved it. I also remember something which might have been called 'Butterfly Pudding' which I don't think ever made it to the shops. The tins had a wrapper with tiny butterflies made out of the letter B (I think!). My family seemed to get supplies of it on some sort of trial basis - a man came to deliver it every so often. It was either apricot or raspberry flavour and was a thick, milky concoction with lumps of fruit in it. I think you were supposed to dilute it with more milk but I liked it straight out of the tin. Never saw it anywhere else. We must have been eating it in the late 60s early 70s. Happy pudding days!

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