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  • Football Crazies
    One of my favourite after school snacks, red Mill did something similar a while back but unfortunatley have withdrawn them now. Definintely bring them back!
  • Monkey
    embedded itself on the nation's conciousness so much that the Gorillaz turned it into an opera over 25 years later. (Actually the opera was called Journey To The West, after the ancient chinese saga on which Monkey is based but the TV seris was the main inspiration.)
  • Space Dust
    A great after school snack, and there are defiitely no known cases of people dying after eating two packets and then drinking a whole bottle of lemonade.
  • Cyborg, Muton and Android
    I had the Cyborg and Andriod, how I wish I'd never let my Dad throw them out! Weren't they some kind of dummy run to see if micronauts would sell in the UK?
  • Action Comic
    Judge Dredd wasn't actually in it, you might be confusing him with the Dirty Harry type character "Dredger". It contained other classics such as "Kids Rule OK" about schoolkids forming gangs after a virus has wiped out the adult population, Death Game 1999", a kind of Roller Ball rip off and the aforementioned Hook Jaw (the comic's flagship character.) It's level of violence got it dubbed the "7 penny nightmare" by tabloids.
  • Rancheros
    They were my favourite kind of crisp - why can you not get them in the UK anymore? If Cadbury's brought back Wispas I'm sure KP could bring these back.

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