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  • Stacy Dorning
    Like you, fintan05, I'd love to know the whereabouts of Stacy and what she's up to now. The last I read was when she was filming The New Adventures of Black Beauty in New Zealand, said she was happy single with no kids and loved the country so much she wanted to live there. Then, I heard she had a daughter, maybe adopted (?) and was in Australia/New Zealand. Whatever, I wish she would let us know what's she's doing these days.
  • Stacy Dorning
    Oh, wow, that's intriguing, sjuck7! Did you ask her if she was still acting these days? I heard she was in New Zealand with her daughter. So many rumours, you don't know what to believe. I wish she'd put us all straight! Would love to know what she's up to now, apart from having two sons! As long as she's well and happy, that's the main thing, and it sounds like she still looks good.
  • Stacy Dorning
    I loved Stacy in 'Keep It In The Family'. Have fond memories of her in 'Black Beauty'. And she turned into a real beauty herself! She was in an episode of 'Miss Marple' too, the original Joan Hickson BBC series, years ago. The last time I saw her was in 'The Further Adventures Of Black Beauty', which was filmed in New Zealand. I read an interview with her, saying she would love to live in New Zealand, was happy being single, didn't want children, but don't know what happened since as I've heard nothing about her. Such a pity. I think she should have continued in theatre, she was such a terrific actress.