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  • Rick Astley
    Tea-boy turned platinum-selling pop star and millionaire. His hit's from the '80s and '90s still sound great today!
  • Jason Donovan
    The true king of pop. His first two albums are still amoung the most fun sounding albums since that time.
  • Bros
    Some of their music was good, no better or worse than Jason Donovan, and I'd rather listen to an old Bros tape than a lot of the rubbish in the top 40 today!
  • B-Witched
    They were so popular once, but clearly did not have any super talent.
  • Kenny Rogers
    Kenny Rogers "was" an American country music singer-songwriter, photographer, record producer, actor and entrepreneur? He's still alive and making music! Also, some corrections. Rogers was not the lead singer of The Scholars, and the Scholars only split up after their lead singer went solo, Rogers first solo single was actually a hit in 1958 and sold better than the songs of his former group, although this was long before his peak fame in the '70s and '80s! Kenny Rogers, who is one of the ten best selling acts ever in terms of world sales, is an ultimate legend in the music world!
  • Gary Glitter
    The Leader of the Gang!
  • Mr T Ice Lollies
    I most certainly remember them. I wish you could still buy them today. I agree with Paul Rose, I still compare ever cola lolly I have to those, but none compare to that rich cola flavour from Mr. T's branded ice lolly back in the '80s. I remember me, my bro and my coz used to love them!

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