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  • Baby All Gone
    Awww I remember her! I remember the noise that the spoon made when she ate all the cherries *CLICK*. Lol. She smelled well nice! Id love to have a brand new one to give to my daughter! x
  • A La Carte Kitchen
    I had one when I was a little girl & loved it! I had family videos of me playing with it & making all the family something to eat lol. Mine broke so we had to get rid of it. I spent years searching for one. But I finally found one! It was in the original box & unopened! All the utencils & play food were still in their plastic packaging! How lucky is that! It was in an old toyshop that had'nt run for over 10 yrs! My advice - Get on ebay! Thats were we bought ours :) Id love to know how much they sold for in the 80's. Good luck with your searches!! x

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