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  • Milk Tray Chocolate Bar
    I remember these from my primary school days in the 70s, although I didn't remember the name of them. Everyone remembers the little lime barrel, which was awesome. I don't know why they had to discontinue these. Why do they had to get rid of the best things in life.
  • Candy cigarettes
    There were the chocolate ones where the paper was made out of sugar paper and was edible and the white candy ones. The white candy ones had their names changed to candy sticks, but looked exactly the same, apart from the red ending, imitating the flame. I never became a smoker, so it didn't influence me.
  • Fry 's Five Centers
    Best chocolate bar ever. I don't know why they had to discontinue these, although I read somewhere that the process to make them was too complicated and it wasn't cost effective. The nearest thing you can get is the orange flavoured frys chocolate bar, and they are pretty difficult to find.
  • Fry 's Five Centers
    Oh yes, they used to be awesome, like lots of chocolates stuck together in a bar. Like you I used to love the lime barrel.
  • Fray Bentos
    These are very much still available from most supermarkets. I used to like the way the pastry used to become crispy. Delicious.