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  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    Hi Ashmuji, I was the Indian girl :) I remember the night at Baileys when you ended up i the pond! . When we came to see you there was also a couple called Andrea and her boyfriend Donato. I also remember in Southend out in the evening and Francis has just passed his driving test and took us out for a drink. He ended up getting arrested because he drove the wrong way up a one way street and hit a skip or something! :) The Chinese supervisor was called Lo Chi I think. I do remember her - she interviewed me white standing by the tills. :)
  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    Hi Ashmuji :) Funnily enough- I was thinking about the good old days! I was searching the internet for Huckleberrys to see if there was any articles. I worked at Huckleberrys the same time. I remember Frances. He was a great guy. It was a great team at Watford. I stayed for a few more years when it became Wimpy but always say the Huckleburger was the best. I remember Maqool Shah too. We used to call him Mac. I remember going to Southend when it first opened - Frances had moved from Watford to Southend. Great days :)

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