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  • Ghostwatch
    This was incredibly scary at the time.I remember the story about the lodger who committed suicide and was eaten by the cats. Craig Charles was there to provide comic relief.
  • Panini Football Cards
    Division 1 had the large stickers, division 2 and the Scottish leagues had the smaller stickers.
  • Texan Bar
    I lost a tooth to a texan bar.
  • Smiths Tubes
    Does anyone remember Smiths Scampi and Lemon crisps? The ad had some lorry coming out of the sea.
  • Ruffle Bars
    Loved Ruffle bars...I guess they still make them?
  • Ovaltine Chocolate Bars
    I vaguely remember these.....was there a horlicks bar too?
  • Monster Munch
    I loved the ads!

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