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  • Odd Bods
    The local Mace supermarket even used to have a complete revolving display of Majorette die-cast cars, too.Pocket money heaven! If you're wondering why I'm writing this at such an ungodly hour, I'm on shift (and on a break!) :D
  • Odd Bods
    Hi, Roxxy. Brilliant! I've been looking for these for, like, ever!!! I had nearly all of these! When I used to go and stay with my Nan and Grandad in Hemsby, Norfolk, I remember making my way up Beach Road to buy an 'Odd Bod'. You're right about the colours; always two-tone. I remember one of them being dark green and cream, and another being turquoise and pink (?). They were great fun, though. Easy to assemble and tough when built. I only wish I'd kept them. Not sure who made them, but I'd love to own the set again. Halcyon days!!! :D Just out of interest, where did you get the picture from? Andy

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